All About

Gene Rivas is a retired aerospace engineer who draws and paints for a hobby with waxed crayons and colored pencils. He works at his home studio near Seattle, Washington, in the northwest corner of the United States. Selling his art is not a primary concern, but enjoys working with those he does portraits of, and working with models who inspire his art work.
Self taught, he never attended an art school, but was inspired by his family art on techniques, beauty and colors. He typically works with photographs he takes of his subjects. Gene was born and raised in Lynwood, California, a suburb of Los Angeles. He earned a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Loyola Marymount University, where he met his wife.

My artwok is rendered with Neocolor II and Lyra Aquacolor Crayons. Also with Prismacolor, Caran d’ ache and Lyra colored pencils. I generally use illustration boards or Canford drawing paper. Typically, I blend with paper blender sticks and occasionally use linseed oil to help some of the pencils blend better.

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