Glamor Pinups

Lady with the Venetian Red Hair


The Mediterranean Nighty

The Hair was Black

The Dahlia Purple Sheet

The Cerulean Blue Nightie

The Dark Emerald Dress

With Devastating Eyes

Beauty in Burlesque

Model with the Golden Shoes

The Bright Red Top

Red head in the Black Dress

Nude in the Black Bikini

Lady in the Black Body Suit

Lying in Black Lace

Lady with the Beautiful Brown Eyes

The Little Blue Dress

Lady in the Dark Magenta Dress

Lady in the Scarlet Velvet Blouse

Lady in the Black Lace

Lady in the Gentian Blue Dress

Lady in the Indian Red Dress

Dreaming on the Lavender Sheet

Lady in the Gentian Blue Sheet

Brunette with the Beautiful Legs

Lady in the Violet Lingerie

Burlesque in Blue

Lady on the Brown Chair

Lady in the White Shirt

Dancer with the Red Gloves

The Yellow Bikini

Lady in the Green Lingerie