Partial Nude Pinups

Nude with the Golden Blouse

Nude with the True Blue Eyes

Nude in Azurite Blue

Nude Holding Her Hair

Nude with the Opaline Green Nighty

Nude in the Mulberry Shirt

Nude in Pink Rose

Nude in the Red Shirt

Nude in Light Cobalt Blue

Nude in the Scarlet Lake Sheet

Nude with the Pomegranate Sheet

Nude with the Red Shaw

Nude Lowering her Cover

Nude with the Beautiful Hair

Nude with the Aquamarine Sheet

Nude before the Bath

Nude on Red Satin

The Sleeping Nude

Nude with the Mauve Sheet

Nude in the Periwinkle Blue Sheet

Nude in the Blue Robe

Nude Pulling Her Hair

Nude with Her Hands on Her Neck

Nude Holding the Long Sheet

Nude with the Red Hair

Nude in the Shade